二代目 鬼丸碧山​

Second Hekizan Onimaru

昭和47年 1972


Born as eldest son (given name at birth: Yusuke) to the first Hekizan Onimaru.

平成 7年 1995


Graduated Osaka University of Arts, Plastic Arts Course, Crafts Department.

平成10年 1998


Began pottery making in Koishiwara, Fukuoka Prefecture.

平成17年 2005



Works selected to be shown at the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition. Named as second “Hekizan” by Myoho Takada, Roshi of Daitoku-ji, the head temple of the Rinzai sect’s Daitokuji school of Japanese Zen Buddhism.

平成18年 2006

全国推奨観光土産品審査会 経済産業大臣賞受賞

Received Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize from the Japan Recommended Gifts and Souvenirs Examination Board.

平成21年 2009

神戸ビエンナーレ陶芸展 奨励賞受賞

Received Incentive Award at the Kobe Biennale Chinaware Exhibition Competition.

平成22年 2010


Became full member of the Japan Kogei Association.

平成24年 2012

フランスセーブル国立陶磁器博物館主催 ビエンナーレ・ドゥ・セーブル陶芸展出展

Exhibited at the Biennale of Contemporary Pottery and Ceramics of Sèvres, held by the National Museum of Ceramic of Sèvres in France.

平成26年 2014

ドイツベルリンにて「European Triode Festival 2014」で 高取焼スピーカーを発表

Presented Takatori-yaki speakers at the European Triode Festival 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

平成27年 2015

フランスパリ・グランパレで開催のアートイベント 「REVELATIONS」に参加出展

経済産業省の地域創生クールジャパンプロジェクト 「The Wonder 500™」に認定(香るカップ)される

Exhibited at the REVELATIONS art event held at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. His “Fragrant Cup” was selected for “The Wonder 500™”, a Cool Japan project for regional revitalization organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

平成28年 2016


His Fragrant Cups were exhibited at the Emperor’s Birthday Celebration Reception at the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco.

平成29年 2017



Invited and exhibited at the 52es Fêtes de la Saint-Martin (Belgium).Invited as a lecturer at the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford University.

平成30年 2018


The porcelain speaker received the business authorization to utilize local resources from METI.

平成31年 2019

タイ チェンマイにおいてオーディオイベントTTFに参加


Participated in the TTF audio event in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Visited Sri Lanka for a survey.

令和元年 2019


イタリア シチリア島CITTÀ DI NOTO美術館においてIN&OUTSIDE展招待出品

Received JICA certification for a project in Vietnam to support developing countries. Invited to exhibit at the IN & OUTSIDE at CITTÀ DI NOTO Museum in Sicily, Italy.

国内外各地で個展を開催、公募展 入選・入賞を重ねる

Held solo exhibitions at various locations in Japan and overseas, and was nominated for and received many prizes.


A new challenge, a new future.


 パリの個展をきっかけにオーディオ研究者の方々とご縁を頂いた。2014年にETF(European Triode festival)に日本チームとして参加し、チームの仲間の助言を元に最初の陶器スピーカーを制作した。これが私のチャレンジの始まりである。ヨーロッパのオーディオ雑誌(stereo)に取り上げられ、世界のオーディオ研究者との繋がりができた。2016年には日本チーム主催で、約60名のオーディオ研究者を招いてのイベントを福岡で開催することになり、会場の一つとしてオーディオハウスを自宅に建築し、機材の研究と音への感覚を更に研ぎ澄ますことを目指した。2017年、なぜ陶器スピーカーは音がいいのか?の疑問を解くために九州大学音響制作学部教授の尾本氏と福岡県工業技術センターと協力して研究を行い、髙取焼陶土の特徴が深く関わっていることを実証した。その独自性が経済産業省より認められ、地域資源活用事業の認定を受けた。現在、髙取焼陶器スピーカーは世界中で発表の機会を得るようになり、音響の専門家だけでは無く一般のお客様にもファンが増え、音を活かした様々な事業者との連携も始まった。新たな分野にチャレンジしたことで、たくさんのご縁が広がり新しい未来が見えてきた。これからもみんなでチャレンジすることの大切さを共有していきたい。

Getting connected with international audio researchers after a solo exhibition in Paris. After participating in the ETF (European Triode festival) in 2014 as a Japanese team, I developed the first ceramic speaker based on the advice of my teammates. This is the beginning of my challenge. The speaker was covered by a European audio magazine (stereo) and became known by audio researchers around the world. In 2016, the Japan team hosted an event in Fukuoka and invited around 60 audio researchers, during which I built an audio house as one of the venues to further hone my studies on materials and my sense of sound. In 2017, Why do pottery speakers have excellent sound quality? To answer this question, we conducted research in collaboration with Professor Omoto of the Faculty of Acoustics Design of Kyushu University and the Fukuoka Prefectural Industrial Technology Center, demonstrating that sound quality is strongly correlated to the characteristics of Takatori Pottery. As a result, the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry recognized the unique qualities of this item and certified it in its project to utilize regional resources. Currently, Takatori ware pottery speakers have gained the opportunity to be announced all over the world, and the number of fans has been increasing steadily, not only among acoustic professionals but also general customers, we have started cooperating with various companies in the sound production business. By challenging ourselves to enter a new field, we have created many new connections and could see a new future. I want to share the importance of challenging ourselves with everyone.